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Spicy: The Ever-Evolving Flavor

February 2017 | Allison, Trend Analyst

Spicy is a flavor that keeps coming back again and again, but is constantly evolving from one form to another. Everyone wants to know: what’s the next spicy? With input from McCormick’s team of chefs, trend trackers and food technol...

Chef Andreas

Chef's Notes

Health & Wellness Tips From Chef Andreas

February 2017 | Andreas, Research Chef, Culinary Nutrition

According to the FDA, the average sodium intake for Americans is 3,4000 milligrams per day. We should be limiting our consumption to 2,300 milligrams, and this is at the top of the limit. The daily recommended allowance varies per age and hered...

Health and Wellness Can Still Be Tasty


Health & Wellness Can Still Be Tasty

February 2017 | Anna, Manager of Product Development

The Health and Wellness umbrella is huge. Looked at as a whole, the Global Wellness Institute estimated it to be at $3.7 trillion in 2015. This incorporates everything from alternative medicine, the spa industry, fitness and mind-body, wellness...