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Flavor Feed

Inspired Tastes

Unexpected Flavors Invite Indulgence

June 2017 | Brian, Marketing & Insights Manager

Why do we use the term “guilty pleasure” or “sinful indulgence”? Food and drink are meant to be enjoyed! Today’s consumers, especially millennials, savor every nuance and demand more from their food & beverage ...

Introducing The Kitchen Of The Future

Chef's Notes

Introducing Your New Lens To Culinary-inspired Innovation

June 2017 | Gary, Executive Research Chef

I’ve always worked in premier industry kitchens, but as a forward-thinking research chef I wanted to reimagine and elevate the impact our kitchen could have on customers’ innovation planning. It’s with this mindset that we emb...


Postcards From The Bench

Celebrating An Unsung Hero: Cinnamon

June 2017 | Steve, Senior Flavorist

I feel the same way about cinnamon that I do about vanilla: they are extraordinarily complex flavorings, yet for some crazy reason they are perceived as “basic” instead of exciting. People go crazy over cinnamon buns, but if asked t...